Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Emoticon Addendum

I made it about two minutes before I used a smiley face in an IM.

Screw it.

I have a confession to make.

I use emoticons.



I am a writer and yet I use emoticons. Embarassing. If I still taught college English and one of my students were to use an emoticon, I would tell them it's just like adverbs: If you need one, you probably haven't expressed your thought in the best way possible.

I know people who don't use them... but still kind of do.

Let's all remember to be on our best behavior while the clients are here! (smiling!)
Say that again and I'll have to take you outside. (wink)

I think that's worse. But still.

I'm making a pact: From now on, I will not use emoticons. I won't write them on Post-Its. I won't use them in emails. I won't click on the plethora of options on Messenger. Not even the yawning face. Or the crying one. Or the goat.

Okay, maybe just the goat. A goat emoticon? Way too awesome to be ignored.

Yeah, I know. I ignore the blog forever and then I come back with emoticons. Get over it. (wink! smiling!)