Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Shooting at Rescue Workers?

Seriously? What's wrong with people? Pablo said it best.

Anyone read Michael Moore's open letter to Bush? Thoughts?

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Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

All I know is this:

1) The mayor had to evacuate everyone by force before the hurricane as the plan said. He didn't, despite the presence of hundreds of buses that could've evacuated the city's poorest. And his police bailed out on him,

2) The governer could've rallied the National guard or allowed the fderal authorities to take over. She did neither.

3) The head of FEMA counted that the Mayor and the goevrner would take care of the thing and therefore had no plan of his own.

Those are the three people that should get fired.

America is a federation, the fedral government can not take over for the State without the State's consent. That Consent is only in the hands of the governer. The constitution says so.

But sure, blame Bush and Iraq. It never goes out of style!

1:54 AM  
Blogger Tai said...

Actually, the US is a republic. I know, I know, there are federal implication there, too. The interesting discussion here is about state's rights. Something that this administration seems to care little about, especially when the state is "blue." FEMA funding was cut by Bush, as was the federal funding of NO's canal and levy system. Jay (http://www.godsgimmick.blogspot.com/) relays this nicely from an NPR story. The FEMA director is appointed by and answers to, his boss, president Bush.

If we want change, we need to start chopping from the top down. Get rid of the big problems so that we can expose the small. People have a right to stay in their houses during a storm. The mayor shouldn't have forcefully evacuated them. As a supposedly "Free" country, we have the right to make stupid decisions. The governor is off the hook because the National Guard is in Iraq. And those that were available were in place before the storm (CNN reported this two days ago, I think). It was a smart move on her part to not allow federal control because we are a federated republic, if you will, and the national guard should remain in the state's control. After all, we might need to defend ourselves from the feds.

One final note about those who are shooting at the people trying to help. It seems to me that what is happening there, while I'm agreeing that it is ridiculous, is something akin to what's going on in Texas, Montana, &c. People are stockpiling weapons so that they can defend their homes from the government. In all likelihood, the "crazys" in NO are trying to protect themselfs from the government's seizure of their property. After all, a recent supreme court ruling said that local, state, and federal authorities can take away private property for any reason at any time. I'm sure that there are corporations out there that would love to have some waterfront property in return for helping "fix" New Orleans.

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