Saturday, January 28, 2006

Six signs you are sleep-deprived:

1. You look down at your XM radio on your way to work and see the words "Granny Coverage." You try to figure out what this could possibly mean. As they start talking about red carpets and music, you think, "Huh. Maybe it's some weird concert series." Then they say, "January's Grammy month at XM22."

2. Also on your way to work, you see a man wave at you from the street. You don't know this man. But you wave back because it's the polite thing to do. Then you see, in your rear view mirror, the bus he has been flagging down stop to pick him up.

3. You say to a fellow copywriter: "We all need a little levity." Then you keep going: "And sometimes some brevity." And then... "Or maybe just a nappity."

4. You swear your new poem is going to become the catchphrase of the century. Perhaps a #1 rap song.

5. You find yourself talking to the vending machine upstairs, telling it you are pleased with its newest offering, and that you hope it's gluten-free so you can return and purchase it.

6. You spell "chair" "chari." You spell "amazed" "imazed." And you went to the National Spelling Bee.


Anonymous eff said...

1. Granny Coverage could be a big XM idea as the boomers age and want a station devoted to the lifestyle of a grandparent.

2. Better to be polite.

3. I recently looked up "napper" (as in one who takes naps) to see if it's a real word. it's not. well, it's not on, anyway.

4. I'll say I knew you before you got all blinged out.

5. it's ok to talk to the vending machine. but start worrying if you hear the machine talking back.

6. Ah, Chari -- reminds me of that big talking chair from peewee's playhouse.

3:42 PM  
Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

You say to a fellow copywriter: "We all need a little levity." Then you keep going: "And sometimes some brevity." And then... "Or maybe just a nappity."

That's awesome!

I think there are some people- like me- who are just nocturnal and can only function at night. This is why they always stay up light and can't sleep. If we didn't live in a world that has facist morning houres work rules then we would've functioned at the best of our capacity all the time.

The moment I make my billions, I will dedicate my fortune into creating supports ervcies for nocturnal people. Like Buses that run after regular buses stop running, Dry cleaning places that open from 8 pm till 9 am, all night restaurants, cafes and sportbars and malls. Imagine shoe shopping at 3 am. That, I feel, would actually have more supporters than we could imagine.

Hopefully after I do that, society will ctach on and start adapting itself between day people and nocs. Companies will start having Morning and Night shifts to run at 100 % efficiency,Nightcrime will dissappear because many people will be up to stop it, and rushhour traffic will be cut in half. It will be perfect.

Not to mention, it would create a whole new idea for a romantic comedy: Daytime Girl meets her soulmate, who she finds out is a noc. Despite all the objections of their common friends, they get together and try to make it work against all odds. Crazy highjinks ensue.

5:11 AM  

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