Friday, September 16, 2005

Side Effects of Celiac Disease:

I'm calling lots of 800 numbers. (See two posts below.)

And having frustrating mealtime conversations with waiters. At lunch today:

Me: Excuse me, can you tell me if any of your sauces have gluten?
Waiter: Bluten?
Me: Gluten.
Waiter: Like Oreos?
Jen: Oreos? What's he talking about, Oreos?
Emily: Oleo.
Waiter: Yes.
Me: No. Gluten.
Waiter: Bluten?
Me: Forget it. Bring me some edamame.


Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Okay,this sucks, but i have to say, I have no diea what gluten or if anyone makes sauces with it.

Guess you are gonna have to stick with salad, huh?

5:53 AM  
Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

*no idea what gluten is

5:54 AM  
Blogger pamela said...

Gluten is found in all wheat, rye, barley & oat products, as well as being used as a thickener in many soups and sauces (including, oddly enough, most soy sauce). So, a gluten-free diet means no pancakes, no biscuits, no cookies, cake, bread, pizza, beer, etc. etc. etc.

2:13 PM  
Blogger The Sandmonkey said...


No beer? That's just wrong!

What about tequila? Can u still drink tequila?

ohh and what happens exactly if u do eat gluten foods?

7:12 AM  
Blogger pamela said...

Tequila's fine, though I don't like it all that much. Wine, rum... vodka if it isn't grain-based? There's a whole slew of side effects, some really gross that luckily I don't have (which is why my dr. didn't think I had it originally) - a bunch of random symptoms in addition to stomach aches, water retention (fun), headaches, depression, irritability (like I needed more of either of those things), leg cramps, fatigue, etc. But what it's all really from is that celiac is an autoimmune disease so your body attacks itself in the presence of gluten, destroying the villi in your small intestines, so you don't absorb any nutrients or vitamins. Then you become severely anemic and malnourished (hence the leg cramps, water retention, etc.). And you're at risk for a bunch of other diseases like, oh, cancer. I did some depressing reading this weekend that informed me since I was diagnosed so late in life I have a 34% chance of getting another autoimmune disease (like, oh, cancer) and I have a higher chance of early mortality. It's all fun stuff. It makes me happy.

BUT the good news is if you stick to a gluten-free diet forever those numbers don't go up. And you feel better. They say it takes 6 months of a GF diet before you really start to see changes.

This is probably way more info than you wanted...

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the info. :)

12:28 PM  
Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

I have to agree with anonymous here, I like the info too. It's a lot of stuff i didn't know about and i am Mr. Know-it-all. It sucks that it's that serious, that it has all of this shitty side-effects or that cancer is even on the menu.This disease sounds like god's special made vengence on females if you ask me :"Here, i will take away everything you like to eat in life, and if u feel like eating it, u will get fat, irritable, depressed and you might even have cancer. And you thought that PMS/Period/Pregnancy stuff was bad. Ha."

But then again, he does give men cancer in the ass , which removal makes us ,ehh, sterile. So i have to say he/she/it treats men and women pretty shitty equally. Altough he/she/it seems a little biased against women. That breast cancer shit is just mean!

There are other good news to be added to your good news: You will never gain weight again. With this kind of diet you will receive official permenant membership into the twiggy club, and u will only have healthy options to eat from, so u will keep ur hotness in tact.And your cloths will fit you forever. That must not suck!;)

Ahh, the silver lining i always seem to find!

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am way late in chimming in on this topic but here goes. I'm 44 and was diagnosed with celiac disease about 2 years ago... ended up in the hospital with severe malnutrition and on the verge of heart failure. They had to give me 4 blood transfusions to get things functioning again! Ever see that movie Zombie? lol!

Anyhoo, just wanted to share the news that it is not a life membership in the twiggy club (as mentioned above), sadly... it's the exact opposite. Prior to celiac, I was slim and sexy (I must say) heehee, but in the past two years I've put on 50 lbs! Yep... I now have my mother's boobs!

So in addition to all the can't haves, can't do's, and all the related diseases one might get, I also got a new wardrobe... like about four or five sizes bigger! UGH!!!

Well, that is my rant! The only bright side I see to all of this is that I eat healthier since so many processed junk foods, pastries, beer... all the good stuff, is off the menu. c'est lavie.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Mel said...

I'm fine with oats. I remember reading that oats actually have something different in them, a longer chain or something, that is different to gluten found in wheat/rye/etc, but most doctors add oats to the list anyway. I eat oats every day and love them, no problems, and I can't even eat a slice of wheat bread without feeling bad.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Ginny said...

I've been gluten-free since February and doing very well. Eating out is a pain, but I've figured it out! I eat steak or salmon ordered cooked with EVOO and nothing else except plain salt and pepper. And a salad (no croutons and no cheese, please). I ask for a small dish of EVOO and a few lemon slices to dress the salad.

Most sauces of all kinds (95% or so) will have some form of wheat/gluten to thicken them! And most waiters (and many cooks) are so ignorant of the gluten thing that they feel very happy to tell you it's not in their food to get you out of their face. I've been made sick too many times to count, so I use the above order to get around it.

Do I miss ordering a restaurant's or regions specialty? Yep! Can't! And I've learned to get over it!

10:53 AM  

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