Friday, May 20, 2005

Wrong Horse = Good Luck

I sense an upswing.

Last night at Lone Star Park, as we watched the horses parade in their little circle, the pink horse turned and looked at me. I decided to put all the cash in my possession -- three dollars -- on the pink horse. We ran to the counter to place our bets before the cut-off, but I couldn't remember what number Pink was. I asked my friend Barry and he said, "Number 7." I turned to the nice man waiting to take my money and put all three dollars on Number 7 to place. I pulled my white ticket, stepped back and looked at the TV screen, and saw that Number 7 was orange. Pink was 8. Wrong horse. Wrong horse that had 18/1 odds.

We found our way back to the side of the track to watch the massive, beautiful beasts fly around the track. As they round the final corner, I realize: Number 7 -- Orange -- is up at the front. Number 7 pulls away from the pack and finishes a nose ahead of whatever horse is behind him. Could have been #8. But my love is now for #7. I win.

Had I bet for him to actually win -- instead of simply place -- I would have won more, but I was ecstatically happy with the $22.50 I walked away with from the wrong horse. A sign of good luck to come.

This morning I spent two hours at the Doc-in-the-Box (which could hardly be considered lucky), except that the doctor gave me candy -- and his cell phone number & email address. Not sure that's quite ethical, but, hey. I think he was attracted to my strong breath sounds and low blood pressure.

The moral of the story: Sometimes you have to bet on the wrong horse to win.

Actually, there's no moral of the story but I like the way that sounds.

(Photos to follow...)


Blogger steven said...

"Sometimes you have to bet on the wrong horse to win."

There's some insight to that...I like it.

3:24 PM  
Blogger pamela said...

Perchance. Per chance. ;)

Sometimes you have to bet on the wrong horse enough times to finally pick the right one, even if it's by accident.

4:39 PM  

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