Friday, April 08, 2005

My Animals Are Confused

I'm actually sitting at my desk for once in forever and decided to hide all cords and let the bunnies come out to play a bit. My cat Jasmine had to get in on the action, so she stalked in, touched noses with Sidney (tiniest bunny - 2 1/2 pounds), then rolled over to "play" with him. Before she could bat him with her paws, Sidney, oblivious, hopped away under the couch.

Meanwhile, I get involved in Internet-ing and eating mass Lifesavers and drinking my vodka (because it's just that kind of night). When I finally emerge, I find that Jasmine has eaten the rabbits' hay and has, kindly, thrown it right back up in the hallway. Sidney has managed to escape the office and I find him right where I know he'll be: in my bedroom, happily munching on catfood. No one has bothered to tell the little guy that he is, in fact, a vegetarian. Gracie, the most bad bunny if ever there were a bad bunny (bless her heart, that girl will go to lengths to get into trouble) is back in her own room, stretched out on her rug, looking at me as if to say, "See? I'm not always bad."

For those of you keeping count out there (those of you in my Lifesavers Anonymous circle), I'm on Lifesaver #18 and reaching for #19. Yes, I'm aware that they strip my tongue of my tastebuds and make it impossible for me to eat other foods without stinging pain. Yes, I'm aware that they give me a stomachache. Yes, I'm aware that all this hard candy is not good for my already bad teeth. Yes, I don't care.

Time for a refill.


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