Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Bad Bad Good Morning

Usually you can tell when a day isn’t going to go so great. But yesterday I was fooled. My day started out amazing. I woke up only twenty minutes late – a huge improvement over my normal hour. I was happy with the first thing I put on. (Another abnormality.) I made it to my friend’s house to feed her bunnies that I am bunny-sitting. I got to Starbucks and barely had to wait to get my venti non-fat no-whip 140-degree sugar free Cinnamon Dolce Latte. And I got to work twenty minutes before my every Monday 830 meeting.

Then I realized I’d forgotten my computer at home. I had to wait until after the meeting, then drive home, get the computer, and drive back. A good hour+ wasted.

From there – all downhill.

An overall extremely bad and stressful day at work, the details of which are unimportant.

I had plans after work to go to the gym to work out with my trainer, then rush home, get ready again, and go out for drinks with friends. So I went to the gym because a) I would have had to pay him whether I showed up or not, and b) otherwise I might have started killing people. Then I rushed home and got ready again not to go out for drinks but to come back to work until 1145.

I went home and made the not-so-wise decision to open a bottle of wine, sit on my couch, eat cheese & crackers, and watch What About Brian. But it was the nicest part of my day (well, aside from punching the hell out of the heavy bag at the gym), made even a little nicer by the fact that a friend of mine had three songs in the show.

At 1am, it was time to iron my clothes for today as I have a huge presentation this afternoon. Then I got ready for bed. Then I lay awake most of the night, falling soundly asleep only after my alarm went off. Then I was running late. Then I got stuck in a school zone all the way to the bunnies’ house. Then the line at Starbucks was long and slow. Then I was late to work.

And then everything for my presentation slowly started falling into place and, for the first time in three weeks, I actually think we might pull it off.

So maybe good morning = bad day and bad morning = good day.

Or perhaps it’s all just coincidence. Either way, I’m glad it’s today.


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