Monday, March 12, 2007

Found Time

So this weekend we lost an hour. This makes mornings miserably dark but evenings happily light. Still. A precious hour stolen. Yet somehow I found some time.

This morning, as with all mornings, I overslept. I needed to leave my house by 745 in order to get to Sbux and get to work on time for our weekly Monday morning 830 meeting. Instead, I didn’t get out of bed until 10 after 7. I knew what this meant – I had to skip fixing the hair. Wash and go curly.

I don’t mind my hair curly, even though it’s not my favorite. The problem is it takes a good two hours before it looks decent because I have to let it air dry. I have a little routine for curly-hair days: wash, don’t comb, spray with anti-frizz stuff, spray with curl stuff, leave alone for half an hour, twist into what I like to call my A#1 hair clip, leave up for a good hour. Take down, hair is still wet, let dry. Wait an hour. Then – maybe – it looks decent. Even though I do the exact same thing every time, it manages to look different every time, and I have no way of knowing if that different will be good or bad.

So today I knew it was a wash and go curly day. But I really didn’t want to. I took a chance and dried and straightened. I managed to straighten my hair in less than 5 minutes. It usually takes closer to 8 or 9. I worried about how long it would take to get dressed because I usually change at least 4 times.

I was happy with the first thing I grabbed.

Fed the cat, got my breakfast together, and somehow, miraculously, I left the house at one minute until 8 with my hair done.

As I drove, I prayed for the Sbux line to be short as I knew I should actually be going straight to work now. Sbux line was long. I pulled in anyway because I didn’t want to have to walk to the one near work after the meeting given that the weather is cloudy and humid and rainy. This would turn my hair curly and defeat my speedy hair work.

I kept thinking I should get out of line. I stayed in line and hoped.

Hope paid off. The Sbux line moved uncharacteristically fast.

Traffic cooperated. And, at 820, I pulled into the parking lot. Ten minutes early. Amazing.

Daylight Savings Time might have taken an hour away from me, but I got back a good twenty minutes. It might be a good day.


Anonymous eff said...

we have creative dept meetings at 8:30 on monday, too. i say it's cruel and unusual, but i cant find any lawerys who will take a case against my company -- they're violating the constitution!!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

i agree wholeheartedly! everyone knows creatives are useless until at least 10.

10:39 AM  

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