Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Daniel V. is my winner.

If you don't watch Project Runway, feel free to move on.

I've never been a Santino fan. But I would have accepted his winning. He's got passion. He's got talent. He's got confidence. And he's become suddenly human in the last two episodes.

I'm not a Chloe fan. She flies by the seat of her pants in a way that seems like not caring, not like she's struck by inspiration at the oddest moments.

But Daniel Vosovic... I love Daniel V. Love. Really, what's not to love about Daniel? That floppy hair, those soulful eyes, that smooth voice... but I digress.

I didn't love his collection, except for the 13th look and that one sexy top. But I almost cried actual tears when he didn't win. Daniel V. You'll never be out in my book.

Make that call to Michael Kors.


Blogger DP said...

And to think, I sit three desks away from you and never knew you were a Project Runway freak like me.

I have to say that as much as I love Daniel V., his collection (though versatile, Ms. Nina Garcia) didn't excite me that much. Some of the pieces were kinda...boring. gasp! But Santino...oh how I loved his collection. It was just so BEAUTIFUL! And what KILLS me is that the judges were all like "it's safe." WTF?? You guys have been slamming him all season telling the guy to reign it in and when he does (with much sophistication, mind you) you bastards call him "safe." FUCK OFF.

Sorry. Got a little excited there. I'm starting to sweat a little...

4:21 PM  
Blogger pamela said...

I know. I hate to admit how lovely I thought effing Santino's collection was. Flowing and flouncy and... flirty. (Needed another f.)

And yes, nothing worse than taking your criticism into consideration and getting crucified for it.

I love lots of alliteration.

6:18 PM  

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