Saturday, April 23, 2005


I think I am leading my own parallel life. I just opened my notebook to make a list of things I need to do and saw the following:

Clean bathroom
Exchange Victoria's Secret stuff
Clean bedroom
Mother's Day present

What's odd about this list is this: 1) I made it a year ago. 2) All of the same things were about to appear on my new to-do list with the exception of exchange VS stuff, which I did last night. Though, of course, I had to also purchase new things while exchanging.


Here's something else odd: While waiting to exchange/purchase at VS last night, a conservative-looking couple in front of me (wearing matching shirts) -- who looked to be in their late 40s -- were checking out. The salesperson paused before hitting total then said, "Are you ready?" and they said they were. "That will be $702.49."


My salesperson then told me (after the happy couple left, of course) that they'd been shopping for "outfits." Excellent. In, you know, an extremely creepy way.


Blogger egyptiansally said...


i love that list :) my lists dont chang from year to year either. they always revolve around buying toothpaste and calling/emailing my mother.

1. buy toothpaste
2. call mom

1. buy toothpaste
2. email mom

but thanks for reminding me of mother's day :)

8:41 AM  

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