Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lucky Who?

As I pulled on my new-ish Lucky jeans yesterday morning, I began to wonder: Can clothes get any smaller before we're all just naked?

I will say that shirts are getting longer, and this is a good thing. How else are we supposed to cover that gap between our ultra-ultra-super-low-rise jeans and the bottom of our tiny-t? So shirts are getting longer and this is a good thing (sorry, boys), but jeans just keep melting toward the floor.

Case in point: my aforementioned Lucky jeans. If any of you own or have had the privilege of unbuttoning Lucky jeans, you know that every pair says the same thing on the inside of the button flap: "Lucky You." Very cute, yes? However. My new jeans -- which are called the Little Maggie, fwiw -- as you unbutton them, simply say "Lucky" and, even then, you really have to look for that "y." The entirety of the "You" is hidden. This is still a nice message to receive. Just a simple little "Lucky" to start (or end) your day (or night).

Is it a pain in the ass (no pun intended) to have to pull up on the back of your jeans and arrange your shirt every time you sit down so as not to give an unintended show? Yes. Absolutely. In fact, I sat in church Sunday night consumed with worry that my newly-long shirt (also from Lucky) was not quite long enough to take care of that gap at my lower back. But do I rush out and buy other jeans? Maybe a nice mid-rise that would be gap- and therefore worry-free? Absolutely not. I'm just too used to my ultra-low-rise. They're comfortable. And if they require a bit of tugging and arranging, or leaning rather than sitting, well, so be it. And thank goodness for longer shirts.

That said, if they get any lower... oh, the lengths we'll have to go to in order to keep wearing them... Suffice it to say, it has something to do with Brazil.


Blogger Jason said...

hey yeah, i shop goodwill, check out my blog

note: i have a firm bottom also

4:21 PM  
Blogger egyptiansally said...

oh, i miss lucky jeans :( i have one pair and they're too big now but i do look at them longingly sometimes.

i'm glad to hear the shirts are getting longer over there. i've been wearing longer shirts since i got to egypt so it's nice to know i'm keeping up with the fashion back home :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

I too have the Maggies...but I just checked and I swaer and I can see the "YO" of the "YOU!" But i'm pickin' up what you're droppin' and I think it crazy that out pants are getting lower and lower and lower...if I wanted to wear denim legwarmers, I would have bought them to begin with for cripe's sake! But I DO have to say, the long shirt caze is FAN-tastic! I suggest the thin spaghetting strap super long tanks with ribs in them from Michael Stars...I have it black, white and turquoise and LOVE them!!! Go check out their website...the tank is $34...GREAT for layering...and...they extend those shirts too unfortunate to be long enought ot cover the belly. ;-)

9:17 PM  
Blogger pamela said...

I don't know, C. I double-checked my (freshly-washed and therefore extra tight) Lucky jeans today and could only see "Lucky"...

1:09 PM  

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