Monday, October 31, 2005

Do you look in the mirror?

An Open Letter to Def Leppard:
We do not come see you because we're curious what you've "been working on lately." We come to see you because we want to hear all the singles. Over and over again. Period. Thanks for "Love Bites." "Foolin'" was a nice touch. Maybe we left before "Pour Some Sugar on Me."


We didn't get our $1's worth. Not even with the rousing cover of Badfinger's "No Matter What," a personal favorite that brings back memories of Larkin, my now-deceased freshman-year college roommate.

Pyromania? Hands-down favorite album of 1983. Still remember singing tracks word-for-word in the showers at summer camp with my best friend, Shannon. Hysteria? Concert in 1987--maybe the best concert I ever went to. Still remember being with Shannon once again (we were die-hard DL fans), our legs dangling over the ledge at the Odessa, TX Coliseum, clutching the railing for a better view.

2005 at Schmirnoff? Not so much. Not even the light show measured up. Company was awesome. Show... yeah. Not so much.

"Rock of Ages." Can you think of a better way to open the show than, "Gunter glieben glauchen globen... All right. I got something to say... It's better to burn out. Than fade away..." I didn't think so.

Long live rock 'n'roll. You betcha.
Then again, what can you really expect when you get four tickets for $4.20?

Rock of Ages. Rock. Of. Ages.


Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

yay for def leppard; they of the one armed drummer awesomeness!

ocgrszsx: a depraved satanic sexual ritual. "Did you bring the kitten, the lube, the virgin, the penguin and the 3 headed dildo? Awesome, let the ocgrszsx begin!"

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